Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hasta La Vista! (for at least a week)

I leave tomorrow for a week-long beach vacation. Yay! So, let's just take a snapshot of the "State of the Funnies" and I'll check back in a little over a week, and see what's what:

OH my! Elizabeth and Anthony! And he rattles her nerves. If you did not see this coming from the VERY MINUTE Liz decided to leave Mtigiwatsit . . . well, what the HELL is wrong with you??? More to the point, what the HELL is wrong with Liz?? Has she not seen her hot boyfriend the cop, Mr. Wright? Warren the hot helicopter pilot? Anthony?? The divorced, single-dad, milquetoast used car lot accountant with the push broom mustache and 1980s-era glasses? HOTTTT, Liz!

ARGGGH! More power to the powers-that-be behind Blondie if they are going to turn a quick buck on a chain of Dagwood Sandwich Shoppes. But, here we see the "art" "suffering" for the quick buck. Not that I will miss the diner jokes any more than I'd miss ANYTHING that ever happens in this strip. No more jokes about the cook's heart-burn inducing, ultra hot, pungent, and greasy foods? I think I can survive. But, geez, as stated before . . . I have a problem with the strip changing to service the sandwich shop. Hate it, in fact.

We leave Garfield with a major turn of events. A girl ACTUALLY LIKES JON! Jon, who is portrayed as such a loser in love that the only date I've ever seen him on is one with an amnesiac who thinks Jon has gone on space walks. Now, the long-time object of his desire seems to like him. And her name is . . . LIZ!

Lesson: If you appear in the comics, and your name is Liz, you will be attracted to dorks.

Yes! Child abuse storyline upcoming! Funky was getting too uplifting with the tennis-playing and teen-dating storylines. Now can we have some harrowing flashbacks to a childhood spent cowering from a belt-wielding, enraged, drunken father? Please?

So what is it, coach? She "underachieves," but she "has fun" AND is the "hardest worker." So . . . now what exactly is her problem? And what does it have to do with her interest in non-parent-coached sports? Is her underachieving part of a subconscious desire to not out-perform her parents? Well, Coaches Thorp . . . take a lesson from Funky Winkerbean: Beat Keri -- beat her senseless, until she, too, becomes a high school coach.


Anonymous Beady said...

Today's Garfield just brings the strip into even weirder territory. Jon and Liz kiss? Jon says that HE HAS A LIFE?

Could Garfield's "And they lived happily ever after" mean that the strip is actually ending, or something? It's ever so bizarre.

7:40 PM  
Anonymous "Anon" said...

One can always hope...

5:58 AM  

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