Monday, July 17, 2006

Swimsuit Issues

Oh, ho ho! In Cathy's world, men have body issues, too! Does this strip portend a week of bathing suit issues ahead? I certainly hope not! And please note, despite all of Cathy's agonizing over bathing suit choices, she does choose to sit poolside wrapped in a towel.

However, since it's likely that Cathy's bathing suit issues will NEVER be worked out, may I suggest WholesomeWear swimsuits? Here is an example of one of their "slimming styles" (click the link above for more lovely options available):

No, that's not a joke or a bogus site, as far as I can tell. According to the owner, these suits are designed to focus on the face. She considers her swimsuit wear a ministry for Christian people who love the Lord. More here.

Anyhoo, as I once posited, Cathy might really only be happy in a Taliban-type regime where she was forced to cover up all day long. But, really, I see she may be equally at ease in a Christian fundamentalist society. You men will have to wait. Apparently, WholesomeWear has not come up with a line of modest men's swimwear, sorry to say.


Anonymous Ianscot said...

The article you linked to points out that the "wholesomewear" suits are composed of a dress... under which there is also a wetsuit.

What, would a neoprene wetsuit alone not cover enough? Would it necessarily violate the rule that women should always wear dresses or something? I'm at a loss for why they tossed in the extra layer -- unless this really is the equivalent of sharia law, fundie style.

(On the other hand, hey, I personally find a woman in a wetsuit awfully sexy. So maybe they're right, if the point is to keep women from being in any way attractive. Possibly that's not what women want in their bathing wear, however.)

8:29 AM  
Anonymous dale said...

Have you noticed that recent weekday Cathy strips in the N&O are from 2001? Sunday's is dated 2006.

Wasn't Sunday's overall selection the lamest in months? Ruff finds the other sock. That's not funny, that's a miracle.

Also, the last two weeks have finally answered the question of how Prince Valiant always manages to escape from a bad situation in possesion of the Singing Sword. A miracle occurs! A miracle on top of the other magical events.

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Jacey said...

Oh, yes, the lovely WholesomeWear line. My friend and I were laughing at the site just last week. I'm frightened at the thought that people actually wear that hideous "swimwear". My parents are very conservative and religious, but they never would have made me wear anything so ridiculous.

And that person in the photo looks like a man. Is it a man?

1:26 AM  
Anonymous Sara said...

I think they just look like they would be awfully hot and then when you went in the water, they would be really, really heavy! I guess you couldn't really be playing paddle ball or surf frisbee or anything like that wearing one of those things.

I'm all for modesty -- as the article noted, sign me up for a one piece or a tankini any day. But sweet moses, that Wholesomewear abomination looks like it would weigh you down right to the bottom of the pool during your laps. Wouldn't it also chafe? Ay yi yi!

4:03 PM  

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