Thursday, August 10, 2006

Chutney's One Crazy Ass Bizzotch

The Curtis-Michelle-Chutney love triangle is tiresome to me. Although is it really a triangle? I could graph it. I think a triangle is typically when two people are in love with the same person, right? Something like this:

I don't if it should be just like that or if it should look more like a carat (^), because while Arthur and Lancelot both love Guinevere, it's not like they are in love with each other. Although there is that father-son type relationship there, complicating manners somewhat. So, the triangle fits. But what we have in the Chutney loves Curtis loves Michelle relationship is this:

Chutney >>>> Curtis >>>> Michelle

Not a triangle at all! It's a line. Yet, still tiresome. By the way, if there IS a triangle going on in this strip, it is diagrammed as such:

Because, you see, Michelle loves herself as much as Curtis does (if not more).

Now, that is an awful lot of diagramming and explaining just to make a real simple observation:

EYIIIIIKES! Chutney has always seemed sort of harmless and sweet. But now she has reached a Gollum-like obsession with Curtissssssss, her precioussssssss . . . Geez, Chutney, chill out. Just because you are named after a South Asian condiment doesn't mean you can go around scaring little boys.


Anonymous Jerry said...

It was this particular panel of "Curtis" that made me wonder if it isn't Chutney who's sending all those letters to Michelle, under the name of "Richard," in an attempt to alienate Michelle's affection. But then I remembered that Michelle never had any affection toward Curtis in the first place. Still, you're right -- Chutney seems to have gone 'round the bend a bit. Pining away for somebody for that long will do that to a person.

10:42 PM  

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