Thursday, September 28, 2006


A friend sent me a link to something called the Marmaduke Project. Check it out, because it is most excellent. My favorite part is what the New Yorker would be like if Marmaduke appeared in every cartoon.

Speaking of Marmaduke, is it just me, or is there a hidden message to the American Association of Retired Persons in this strip?

It's a shout-out to the strip's most loyal readers, no doubt.

And, imagine my joy at yesterday's Gil Thorp:

A Gil Thorp character may attend my alma mater?? AWESOME. Just great. I can’t imagine anything I’d like better. Even the return of Brick House would pale in comparison (although I still really, really want Brick to show up again). Actually, I know what I'd like better: If Brick House would go to the Naval Academy! Not in real life -- he'd be eaten alive -- but in Gil Thorp world, it would be nirvana for me. Still, it will be cool if Stormy heads off to Annapolis.

Stormy? Brick? Love the names!