Friday, October 06, 2006

But I Didn't Order Any Pizza

But as I see it, it's really the ONLY possible excuse. What other excuse could there be? Well, OK, "I really like the middle" is another possible excuse, but it's really just the yin to "I don't like the crust's" yang.

And aren't they ancient Vikings? And they can have pizza delivered? Maybe it's not delivery -- maybe it's Digiorno's. Or maybe Helga actually made it -- she is wearing an apron, after all. But, then why did she put it in a box? These ancient Scandinavian cultures baffle me.

And here's some liberal propaganda courtesy of Beetle Bailey:

Then, where would Beetle and company be? That's right! In Camp Swampy, just where they've always been. These guys need to be sent to Iraq. The Army needs all the help it can get (although the Administration says it is doing fine, so maybe I've got it wrong). Anyway, I think the denizens of Camp Swampy could use some thinning out, and Iraq is the place to do it. Who wouldn't make it back? My money's on Zero. Just too dumb. Then again, Lt Fuzz doesn't seem to be brimming with street smarts.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It's Dick Tracy Day!

In my paper, Shoe, Gil Thorp, and Beetle Bailey are all celebrating Dick's 75th Anniversary! Too bad we don't also get the Dick himself!

Apologies for the sporadic posting . . . the little one sleeps a lot less now that he's more alert and interested in the real world. He does get the comics read to him every day. He seems nonplussed. Good for him -- they really are nothing to get worked up about.