Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving and news

Tap, tap, tap . . .Anyone out there?

So, yes, I've almost completely given up on the blogging. I am working from home, taking care of the baby . . . just not enough time. I guess I could find the time to blog, but I've sort of cut reading the comics out of my daily routine. I mean, I really, really dislike them, so why spend the time . . .

However, I couldn't let some momentous news from the News & Observer pass without comment. We are getting Pearls Before Swine!!! Hip, hip, hooray! Maybe I'll find time to read the funnies after all. We're also adding Frazz, and two others . . . I can't remember. My brain don't work so good as it used too.

Anyway, to make room, we are losing Cathy, Hagar the Horrible, Drabble, and The Boondocks. I hate Cathy, Hagar, and Drabble, love PBS, and love the fact that some other strips are getting a chance. I feel personally vindicated. I am also a Boondocks fan, and hate to see it go, but Aaron McGruder has been on an extended hiatus, so . . .

Charles Shultz has also been on an extended hiatus six feet under, but they continue to run Peanuts. Can't win them all, I guess.

Now I get to stay tuned for all the complaints about losing Hagar and Cathy! Can't wait!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!